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CUF Background:

Catholics United for the Faith was founded in 1968 by H. Lyman Stebbins to support, defend, and advance the efforts of the Teaching Church in
accord with the teachings of the Second Vatican Council. The efforts of Catholics United for the Faith must be directed toward the unity of the
Church and communion with God the Father as intended by Christ (Jn. 17:21). This is accomplished by joining members in a common apostolate
to be formed doctrinally and spiritually in the Catholic faith. The desired result is the renewal of their own hearts. This formation also equips
members to prayerfully engage in works of evangelization and catechesis for the renewal of the Church and society as lay witnesses to Our
Blessed Lord. CUF promotes fidelity to and communion with the Holy Father and the bishops in union with him.

Catholics United for the Faith is organized as a private association of the lay faithful in accord with the discipline of the Catholic Church. It is
incorporated in civil law as a Minnesota non-profit corporation duly registered in the State of Ohio. CUF’s organizational structure includes: a
governing board of directors, an executive committee of that same board, officers, and departments. Each level within the structure is entrusted
with certain functions and authority as established in the association’s statutes, articles of incorporation, and by-laws.

Catholics United for the Faith fulfills its purpose through its various outreaches. With the exception of the Business Office, all outreaches must
have a purpose that directly reflects the efforts of the Teaching Church. No outreach can exist without the express approval of the board. In
accord with the criteria set forth in the statutes of the association, this approval is given after consideration of the proposed purpose, and how
the proposed outreach will complement existing outreaches in accomplishing the mission of CUF. The performance and cooperation of each
outreach within the apostolate as a whole is to be reviewed at least annually by the board according to the means established in the statutes of
the association.

CUF Milwaukee Chapter Activities
Affirming Authentic Catholicism:

  • Monthly meetings with informative speakers
  • Speakers Bureau for your church, school or Bible group meetings
  • Annual Lenten retreats
  • Regional Forums/Seminars (periodically)
  • Annual Monsignor Popek awards banquet honoring faithful priests
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Special Projects (e.g., canon lawsuit against cathedral renovation)

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Phone 414-321-9377

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Do you need an interesting and topical speaker for your church,
school, or Bible study group?
St. Gregory VII Chapter now offers free, multimedia presentations affirming authentic
Catholicism in the Milwaukee area. Speakers  include Jerry Schmutte, who can tell you about
“Mary and the Muslims,”  or he can take you “From Adam to the Catholic Church.”   Fr. James
Kubicki, S.J., will discuss “What it Means to ‘Live the Eucharist,’” “The Spiritual Exercises of
St. Ignatius,” “The Practical Spirituality of the Morning Offering and the Apostleship of Prayer,”
or “The Sacred Heart of Jesus.”   Dan Zeidler will discuss "Life, Family and Faith in Latin
America."  For information or scheduling,
Email CUF Milwaukee
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